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Learn More In The Video Below

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Why Eagle Pulse?

  • Your business stopped growing, and you feel stuck!

  • New clients are mostly (if not all) coming in from referrals and you have no control of generating new leads.

  • You've tried paid ads, social media marketing, or the next big tip you saw on social media but nothing works.

And at the end you fell like you are just spinning your wheel, and no matter how hard you try, and can't grow.

And that's where Eagle Pulse comes in.

Eagle Pulse is Your Secret Weapon to Finally Breakthrough

You will have access to cutting edge technology to grow your business.

Growth now, is not only possible, but inevitable.

Without Eagle Pulse

  • No Customers on Auto-Pilot

  • Unpredictable Sales

  • Worry About Cash Flow

  • Frustration

With Eagle Pulse

  • Customers on Auto-Pilot

  • Predictable Monthly Revenue

  • Extra Profits to Grow Your Business

  • Jumping for Joy

Do You Want to Jump for Joy?

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No Obligations. No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.

Eagle Pulse Keeps Your Leads Engaged For You

Never Miss a Client Again: Eagle Pulse Turns Missed Calls into Opportunities.

Imagine it's a busy day at work. Your phone is constantly buzzing with calls, your inbox is overflowing, and you're managing multiple tasks at once.

Amidst this chaos, you miss a call from John, a potential high-value client. John, a busy professional himself, understands the pressures of a hectic schedule but is urgently in need of your services.

The opportunity to connect with John could have been lost, but fortunately, Eagle Pulse's automated response system kicks in. John receives a personalized, empathetic message apologizing for your unavailability and offering him immediate next steps to connect.

With a simple press of a button, John chooses the option to schedule a meeting. He's seamlessly directed to your online booking calendar, where he quickly finds a slot that fits both your schedules for the following day.

John receives a detailed confirmation email along with timely SMS reminders, ensuring the meeting remains a priority in his busy schedule. This professional and efficient system not only impresses John but also gives him confidence in choosing your services.

The day of the meeting arrives, and it goes seamlessly. John is not just impressed by the ease and professionalism of scheduling the conversation, but he's also ready to become your client.

Thanks to Eagle Pulse, another high-value client is secured with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.

And That's Just The Tip Of The Iceberg of everything eagle pulse does...

Eagle Pulse Gives You All the Tools You Need to Generate Leads and Create Paying Customers

All In One Place!

Eagle Pulse Hosts...

Your Website

Creating your website used to be expensive and took forever to make. Now it can be done in just a few hours without you needing to spend an extra dime more.

With Eagle Websites You'll Get

  • Super fast and reliable page load speeds

  • Fully Customizable page with a drag and drop builder that anyone can use.

  • Thousands of beautiful templates to choose from and get your business live in record time.

  • Unlimited Websites

Eagle Pulse Replaces:

Group 6

Eagle Pulse Manages...

Your Online Store

If you sell anything online, Eagle Pulse has your back!

With Eagle Store you can...

  • Upload your product images, videos, descriptions.

  • Increase your sales volume by adding one click upsells (you'll learn all about that inside the Eagle Pulse Academy)

Eagle Pulse Replaces:

Eagle Pulse Manages...

Your CRM

Generating new leads and clients is great. But it's only half the battle. If you want to experience real business growth, you need to be on top of your game managing your clients.

With Eagle CRM, you be able to...

  • Send automated birthday messages to your clients.

  • Start automated marketing campaigns via email, SMS and phone based on customer behaviour.

  • Have a complete track record of every communication and interaction between your customer and your business.

Eagle Pulse Replaces:

Group 9

Eagle Pulse Manages...

Your Email Marketing

Following up with your leads is crucial to remain top of mind and close deals faster. Specially when you're goal is to grow!

With Eagle Marketing you can...

  • Create and send email or text messages, promotions, offers, reminders to your clients.

  • Let automated workflows send out emails at the perfect time based on customers' behaviours

  • Create beautiful email campaigns by using our hundreds of templates

Eagle Pulse Replaces:

Eagle Pulse Manages...

Your Telephone

Managing customer communication is crucial for making sure no lead falls through the cracks.

With Eagle Phone, you be able to...

  • Call your leads directly through the app, and have all the conversations recorded for future reference.

  • Make sure that no client gets forgotten without a call by having a history of all calls made, including recording, date and time.

  • Have different phone lines for each sales rep, and create rules to route calls to the correct person.

Eagle Pulse Handles

Your Missed Calls

Quickly replying to new callers or even clients is a must for any business that values quality of service and in interested in growing

With Eagle Missed Text Back you'll be able to...

  • Automatically send text messages to clients if you ever miss their calls.

  • Allow clients to interact directly with the text messages and get assistance via AI Technology

  • Never leave a client waiting again...

Eagle Pulse Manages...

Your Automations

Automating Business Workflows will save you time, decrease human error and give you the ability to have a machine running 24/7 do make sure your business never stops moving.

With Eagle Automations, you be able to...

  • Automatically welcome and nurture every new lead via a series of Emails + SMS so you are always top of mind

  • Automate customer birthday messages

  • Automate Flash Sales, so you can deliver promotions right when your clients are most likely to buy.

Eagle Pulse Replaces:

Eagle Pulse Handles

Your Calendars

Giving your clients the ability to access your calendar and schedule a demo or a service call will truly speed up your process.

With Eagle Calendars you'll be able to...

  • Create calendars for everyone on your team

  • Allow your clients to schedule a service, or a sales call with you automatically.

  • Send automated SMS + Email messages so your customers never forget a booking.

Eagle Pulse Replaces:

Eagle Pulse Handles

Your Analytics

Not knowing your metrics is like driving with your lights off. You know you're going somewhere, you just can't tell where.

With Eagle Analytics you'll be able to...

  • Know exactly what promotions are bringing in results

  • Track open rates, click-through rates, page conversion rate, average cart value, and more

  • Have access to all your business data in one Dashboard.

Eagle Pulse Replaces:

Eagle Pulse Handles

Your Forms and Surveys

Built right in is the ability to capture leads through surveys and capture forms. You can integrate directly with our page builder or embed them on your own sites.

With Eagle Forms you'll be able to...

  • Pre-qualify your leads

  • Survey your audience to understand their needs

  • Use conditional logic do direct users to different paths based on their answers.

Eagle Pulse Handles

Your Sales Pipeline

With our built-in Pipeline Management feature, you can keep track of where the leads are and what stage they are in the sales funnel.

With Eagle Pipeline you'll be able to...

  • See exactly how much you have in potential sales coming in month over month

  • Trigger automations based on what stage of the pipeline the client is in

  • Create reminders and tasks when customers stay longer than average on a single step of the pipeline.

Eagle Pulse Handles

Your Appointment Bookings

Create text conversations with the goal of placing booked appointments on calendars without any human interaction.

With EagleBot Ai you'll be able to...

  • Automatically reply to your prospects, break their objection and guides them towards scheduling a sales call.

  • Be able to reply to customers 24/7 with the power of Artificial Intelligence

  • Get calls on your calendar automatically

Eagle Pulse Replaces:

Group 6

Eagle Pulse Handles

Your Membership Area

Create a thriving community for your business by using our Membership Platform.

With Eagle Membership you'll be able to...

  • Build full courses with unlimited video hosting and unlimited users.

  • Sell or offer courses for free.

  • Create an online community for your members

Eagle Pulse Replaces:

Eagle Pulse Manages

Your Tech

You are full of ideas, but struggle to make them work?

We can handle your tech for you! Sign up for our Scaling plan and watch the magic happens as your ideas come to life inside of Eagle Pulse

With Eagle Tech Support you'll be able to...

  • Make requests directly to our team to build out your entire launch plan, schedule out emails, create automated workflows... Anything you need inside of the app.

  • End the tech overwhelm for good!

  • Save thousands of dollars a month by not needing to hire an in-house tech specialist.

Eagle Pulse Replaces:

In-house Tech Professional

Eagle Pulse Gives You Everything

To Grow Your Business

Sales Funnels

Turn Visitors into Paying Customers


Build Beautiful Websites

Online Courses

Transform your expertise, passion, or skills into profitable online courses.

Email Marketing

Connect and engage with your audience effectively through personalized email marketing.


Automate your marketing (and business) for efficient and targeted customer engagement.

Landing Pages

Create high-converting landing pages that captivate and convert your audience.

Membership Sites

Build and grow a loyal community with engaging and profitable membership sites.


Showcase and sell your products effortlessly in a dynamic online storefront.

A/B Testing

Improve your results by easily comparing different strategies to see what works best.


Share your expertise and insights through a blog to establish yourself as an industry leader.